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The year 2021 is a year of hope and people are looking forward to a delightful time ahead. It is a universal fact that a majority of people faced hardships in 2020 and longed to embrace happiness.

Let’s not look back now and be hopeful of a great year!

This blog post is a gift from Genefied to all the manufacturing brand owners who had been struggling to push their brands to the top. Have a look at the 50 benefits that Genefied has in-store for you. And we hope that our smart solutions will kick start this new year in a grand way for your brand.

Read on to connect the dots on your brand’s journey and make a grand comeback with our solutions that offer the following benefits!

For Manufacturing Brands

  1. Raw Material Traceability to first mile

  2. Raw Material Inventory and FIFO Management

  3. Generation of unique QR codes (via hashing / Scannable through Mobile QR code scanner)

  4. OEM Traceability and production status

  5. Batch management of production via Unique QR codes

  6. Parent child mapping for easily transfer and scan of Goods

  7. Production to Mother warehouse activation/stationing

  8. Supply chain effectiveness in E-proof of delivery

  9. Inventory management at various location and auto alerts

  10. FIFO alerts in case of wrong checkout

  11. Invoice QR code tagging for bulk shipments to easily incur the shipped goods

  12. Plant & warehouse management

  13. Return traceability of extra goods/wrong goods received

  14. Alerts to OEM on the shortage of goods

  15. LIFO management in a truck for multiple shipments via the same truck

  16. Gate in and gate out traceability of goods

  17. Weighbridge automation

  18. Driver App to trackNtrace the driver for E-updates

  19. Multiple size handling and designing of QR labels to fit in all products

  20. Auto-reading of QR codes by the vision system for automatic count of inventory

  21. Creation of schedules for generating QR codes based on production

  22. Management of shipper labels inventory**

  23. Security compliance with international standards

  24. Mapping retailer/distributor chain to curb infiltration

  25. Distributor loyalty programs to bring them back in the system

  26. Handling sales and damage return from customers

  27. Facility to scan damaged shippers to ensure maximum scanning

  28. Facility to scan goods in low light with flashlight support

  29. Distribution management system with Warranty Tagging / Retailer Tagging / Loyalty Management

  30. Retailer retention programs + KYC

  31. Retailer expansion programs via whatsapp bot

  32. Consumer loyalty management via scanning of QR codes for various purposes

  33. Infiltration track n trace management

  34. Anti-counterfeiting for last mile consumers

  35. Digital management of warranty

  36. Detailed Data Capturing with analytics

  37. Capture lost market share for

  38. Secures Brand reputation

  39. Relief from old technology and extra hassle for activation of loyalty / schemes

  40. Helps bridge the gap between demand and supply

  41. One stop solution to all your brand’s problems

  42. Penetration into new markets

  43. Quicker personal yet automated services through Whatsapp, Email and SMS notifications

  44. Helps create a Digital footprint, easy to track and trace

  45. Avoid forgery with the unique QR code based authentication

  46. Saves your time and money from legal complications


For Institutes & Administration on certificates

  1. Management of students, institutes, printers, teachers databases with logins

  2. License management of the institutes

  3. Management of validity and timeline of certifications

  4. Easy and reliable certificate authentication with FNF student traceability

Why choose Genefied?

Genefied is much ahead of the present time and its digital solutions cater to every level, right from the point when the products are being produced in the factory to when they finally reach the consumers. And it does not end here as we also deal in return traceability.

We take pride in the fact that we are a one-stop solution provider for brands so that they can achieve what they aim for. Our solutions are capable of eradicating the roadblocks that are hindering the growth of your brand’s success graph.

Let’s connect and make this year just the opposite of 2020. Grab the very first opportunity and begin 2021 on a positive note. We are just a click away.

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