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The supply chain has seen enormous changes since the last 100 years. Over the years, most organizations have shifted their focus to boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of separate business functions like purchasing, production, marketing, and others. 


Supply chain management is a new approach to leverage the supply chain to get breakthroughs in the products and marketplace. The modern track and trace solution provider is well-versed with the latest technology and is making the best use of it. But how did it reach the level it is at present? Well! To find the answer, let’s explore the evolution of the supply chain before we shift the discussion to modern solutions. 


History of supply chain


In 1911, Frederick Taylor wrote, “The Principles of Scientific Management” that focused on ways to improve manual loading processes. Operations Research of analytics’ value began during World War II and solved military logistics problems. 


Earlier, industrial engineering and operations research were thought of as separate fields and the organizations reaped the benefits when they were used together. However, by the 1940s and 50s, logistics research shifted to the utilization of mechanization to improve labour-intensive processes.


In the 1960s, time-sensitive freight transportation shifted towards trucking in place of the railroad. Physical distribution became the need of the hour that included warehousing, material handling and freight transportation. 


The era was characterized by the maintenance of manual records and transactions until computerization took over. After computerization, innovations like randomized warehouse storage, truck routing and optimization of inventory transformed the scenario.


Personal computing became the highlight during the 1980s in supply chain management. The industry got access to computers and various other technologies emerged to improve logistics planning. Joining map interfaces with optimization models for supply chain design and distribution planning began to be used. There was a hike in the benefits that the new technology brought. 


What after the 1980s?


After the 1980s, computer technology engulfed the supply and logistics utilization. Modes of communication changed due to a surge in the use of the internet. The game has totally changed since then with a new generation of supply chain management technology that is based on centralized planning. 


What is the modern solution?


A few months to go and we will be bidding goodbye to 2020. The last decade has seen a lot of advancement in technology and has given market solutions like SupplyBeam. This solution by Genefied, the best track and trace solution provider, has revolutionized the way brand owners kept a track of the movement of their products. 


This solution features end-to-end traceability, sales boost, channel partner gratification and enlargement of the market share. Your brand can never fail to manage the supply chain with SupplyBeam by its side. A simple scan of the QR code and you are sorted. You just need to take a step forward and get in touch with the best track and trace solution provider

Make your brand ready to reserve a rock-solid position in the market. We are there to assist you.

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