Retain them once, and you will have them forever!! Loyal Retailers and Partners are the backbones of your company. It is difficult but, at the same time not at all impossible to build and maintain their long-run loyalty in this ever-increasing competitive business era. And, the best solution to this is the ‘Retailer Loyalty Platform’.

Digital ways of procuring the loyalty of your retailers, customers, and partners are gaining ground. Strengthen your brand’s marketing strategy with the best and the smartest Loyalty Platform that shall help your company come out of the crisis stronger than ever.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Why Retailer Loyalty is Important?

Retailers are going to stay intact with your brand only if you provide them with the rich experience in your retailer loyalty services, Retailer Loyalty Platform should ensure that it builds advocacy as they are highly competitive and they drive the customers towards your company’s product. Below are the reasons mentioned as to why your company needs to work on developing an Intelligent Retailer Loyalty Platform.

  1. Increased revenue

One of the reasons; that you lose your dedicated partners is the lack of communication with them. A loyal supply chain partner network is itself the major marketing tool that enhances the worth and the ultimate revenue of your brand. But, if you fail to maintain the Loyalty Platform, you are sure to lose ground.

  1. Ensure long term relations

Retailers are the most important element of your business. To ensure their loyalty with your brand for the long term, your brand must build up a competitive Retailer Loyalty program which, in any case, will keep your loyal retailers rooted in your brand itself.

  1. Increase Brand’s Goodwill

You can easily experience a rise in your brand’s goodwill through the planned implementation of your SMART Retailer Loyalty Platform. However, it should focus on equal rewards for you as well as your retailers.

How to retain Loyal Partners through a smart rewarding system?

When you bring a partner into your business, you have to be resourceful enough to procure them for the longest span however, this is possible only through a smart rewarding system. Here, we do mean to repeat ‘SMART’ as a rewarding system that can be made by any company. However, yours need to be the smartest of all other brands. This is how you can retain loyal partners through your company’s rewarding system.

QR code-based platforms to retain loyal channel partners have caught the attention of industry leaders. Most of them have already incorporated the technology in their business function and keep their loyal channel partners in a smarter way.

  1. Retain Loyal & Dedicated Partners

To retain loyal partners with your brand, you have to reduce the Proximity and ensure reachability and connectivity to the Loyalty Platform through all the digital databases.

  1. Increased Emotional Connectivity

Smart Loyalty Programs help loyal partners to stay connected to your brand when your Loyalty Platform focuses on shared beliefs, values, and interests. With a smart QR code scan, your retailers can gain instant benefits in return for their loyalty towards your brand.

  1. Increased Customer Base

Develop an outstanding Loyalty Platform by ensuring maximum customer satisfaction levels and thus, retaining your loyal partners.

  1. Provision of Digital Gratification to retailers

The traditional method of retaining retailers does not give instant gratification whereas a modern platform provides the same. Once the retailers get rewarded instantly for their loyalty, they prefer sticking to their respective brand.


We at Genefied, provide the best-suited Retailer Loyalty Platform, to help your brand earn the best reputation in the market.


Genefied has been providing the smartest Retailer Loyalty Platform that has helped multiple companies to achieve the heights of success in retaining their Loyal retailers and partners.

Rewardify!! That sparks the name of your company and helps you reinvent your loyalty program with your channel partners. This QR code-based solution of ours is effective enough to allow your brand to retain the loyal retailer base smartly.

Connect with us to make Rewardify a part of your business strategy and see the magic of retailer retention.

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