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The menace of product counterfeiting concerns pharmaceutical companies. Then, there is the issue of legal liability that makes a person face unfavorable repercussions. This liability occurs due to any unstated side effects that a patient may get.

With such ongoing issues in the pharmaceutical segment, companies are facing trouble. However, there also is relief from many of the problems. QR codes are unquestionably proving to be a boon for the pharma industry. 

The Government of India has been trying to introduce QR codes in the pharmaceutical segment since 2011. The aim is to track the origin of the medicines and keep a check on spurious or counterfeit drugs. 

Here, we present to you how QR codes can be a boon for the pharma companies along with touching other aspects like loyalty programs for the pharma companies

  1. Fair price system

The pharmaceutical industry has already been on the top when it comes to unfair pricing. To curb this menace, governments of various industries have implemented the use of QR codes.

The Government of India plans to implement the usage of QR codes to ensure a traceability mechanism to track the genuineness of the pharma products. The decision is yet to see a green signal, but there are various solution providers like Genefied that are all set to assist it. 

  1. Tracking fake medicines

Sale of counterfeit medicines is a matter of concern for pharmaceutical company owners. With all medicine packages labeled with QR codes, a track of the medicine circulation can be kept. 

The consumers can check the legality of the medicine on scanning the QR code. This way, the industry can combat the issue of illegal trafficking of medicines. Many nations are already using QR codes for this purpose as this also increases the loyalty of the consumers towards a genuine brand. 

  1. Provision of detailed product information

Product manuals don’t come with complete details, but consumers look for information about the product. When consumers don’t get full information, they get irked. To prevent it, QR codes can be printed either on the product manual or the product itself. 

Scanning the QR code via a smartphone will show in-depth details of the medicine to the consumers. This will boost up the loyalty programs for the pharma companies by introducing consumers to the right product information. 

  1. Showing medication videos

The ultimate utilization of the QR codes in the pharma industry is the video-based QR codes. As per a study, the majority of the patients don’t take their medications properly because they don’t have the right information about how to consume it. 

Video-based QR codes provide full-fledged medical assistance to the patients. Several nations are already using this technology and the Indian market too can expect something highly modern like this. 

Closing comments:

The Government is close to turning this idea into reality. Soon, we can expect Indian pharma companies to embrace the ongoing matter of considering QR codes and making them a part of their products. 

Genefied, after being a part of so many industries, is all geared up to help pharma companies in utilizing QR codes as per the norms. We will integrate technology with the government’s decision. Additionally, our solutions will also empower the loyalty programs for the pharma companies through QR codes. 

Contact us if you are a pharma company and wish to step towards the coming modern era. 

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