Supply Chain Management is the latest tool to achieve success and promote loyalty across the supply chain stakeholders by granting maximum gratification. Influencers, Cable Operators, distributors, Warehouse dealings can be managed with peak efficiency. The Supply Chain is the most complex network. Day-to-day operations become difficult due to the virtual spread of the Supply Chain stakeholders.

Brands are making sure to win the race and reach the maximum numbers of consumers through SUPPLY CHAIN TRACEABILITY and enabling the use of such information towards advanced analytics opportunities.

Issues Hindering the Overall Performance of Supply Chain:

Management of the Supply Chain is no easy task. It comes up with multiple challenges that tag along.

  • Increased costs in terms of money and time:

Flexible costs are bound to increase however, the extra costs have to be incurred in terms of the physical maintenance of records. As the goods flow through the path of the supply chain, the company has to incur multiple costs for ensuring its management. Not only money, but the company also has to dedicate hours of work to ensure that there is no disruption across the supply chain.

  • Lack of traceability

Due to the lack of use of QR Code-based solutions, the company has to suffer from a lack of traceability across its supply chain. The visibility of the Supply Chain has gone beyond the track and trace. Now, there is a need to have control over logistics as well as reverse logistics. Thus, there is a lot of discrepancy in the management of supply due to the absence of Supply Chain Digitalization.

  • Poor gratification and thus poor loyalty from stakeholders

The brand often fails to provide gratification to its stakeholders who have spread across the business boundaries. And, if you fail to provide instant gratification to your supply chain partners, you certainly lose the game.

  • Poor Communication and Collaboration

The most difficult challenge is the lack of communication with your supply chain partners. Due to a lack of responsiveness, the brand suffers from the unstable future flow of revenue.


SUPPLYBEAM by GENEFIED has helped multiple brands deal with all sorts of Supply Chain disruptions. Similarly, It has managed to boost up sales, enlarging market share, end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain of KEI CABLES.

Genefied, through the use of the Parent-Child QR CODE combination, has made it easier for KEI Cables to operate and conduct functions with ease irrespective of the size of its supply chain.

Genefied’s Supply Chain Management solution for KEI Cables has benefitted them in multiple ways.

  • Multiple Level Gratification

Supply Beam ensures speedy work, instant responsiveness, and communication with all your stakeholders, influencers, and partners across the supply chain. Multiple level gratification is the supreme benefit that KEI Cables have achieved through the use of QR-Codes for traceability of products at all levels. Thus, ensuring the long-term loyalty of its Supply Chain Members.

Parent-Child QR codes have made it easier for the data maintenance of the Supply Chain easy and efficient, thus ensuring smooth analytics and logistics.

  • Easy Traceability

The Parent-Child combination QR-Codes implanted on the company’s products ensure their traceability at any point of time via an instant scan. It makes the traceability easy by ensuring the scanning of Parent QR code displayed on master cartons which gives instant data on all products contained inside the mono cartons too.

  • Cost-Saving

Supply Chain Digitalization has helped in cost-saving. Controlling the costs and management of cash has become the easiest. The facts also prove that Digital Supply Chain Management can reduce the 50% COSTS of the SUPPLY CHAIN followed by a 20% reduction in the procurement costs.

Pre-Printed QR Codes help in saving hardware costs.

  • Use of QR Codes

QR-Code is the main element of the Supply Beam platform which has helped in making Supply Chain Digitalization a success. Pre-printed QR Code Based Parent-Child Combination is the token to win the game.


Supply Beam is the best service to cater to your Supply Chain related issues. It provides Supply Chain Traceability in the purest of the forms and assures your company of the success that you have been yearning for, for a long time.

It helps in the Management of The Supply Chain through Supply Chain Digitalization based on the use of QR-Codes in the form of PARENT-CHILD Combinations. Supply Beam can easily be differentiated from other services as regards Increased gratification to stakeholders, use of QR-Codes, and Integrated Supply Chain Solutions.

The role of GENEFIED has been revolutionary for being the Best Track and Trace service Provider. It has been able to help the Brands sort their Supply Chain Management issues through convenient QR Code schemes.

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GENEFIED, the solution provider for ‘The Instant Scan’ to manage tracking and traceability throughout your supply chain, only through SUPPLY BEAM.

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