Retail Reward Programs come in different forms. But, what makes your brand’s Loyalty Platform successful is its roots. More specifically, it is the strategy upon which your reward program is built up.

Digitalisation has led to the introduction of various retail scheme management tools. One such tool is QR codes.

Genefied is the trusted name that pops up when QR code-based services are talked about. Rewardify is its QR-code-based product for the upliftment of the Retailer Loyalty Platform.

It is designed to promote the lifelong undivided loyalty of supply chain partners and distributors.

Currently, there are different loyalty platforms that are in trend. Different brands prefer to adopt different ones as per their needs.

  • QR-Code-Based Loyalty Platforms:

QR code-based reward plans let the users scan the QR code via their mobile scanner and redeem their reward immediately. The rewards are either in terms of instant cashback or discount on future purchases.

  • In-store Loyalty Platform (Points Based Program):

In-store loyalty programs let retailers earn rewards when they keep selling large lots to customers. For every benchmark lot, they earn rewards from the company. Points keep on adding in their respective accounts.

  • Fee-based Loyalty Programs:

Fee-based loyalty programs let customers earn membership and thus, the rewards when they pay a certain fee to become a member of a certain plan. Only Elite customers like to adopt fee-based loyalty platforms. They assume these plans to be the most beneficial ones in regard to large benefits. Retailers earn rewards with respect to each customer who joins the fee-based program.

  • Tier-based Loyalty rewards:

Tiered loyalty programs are designed to offer different rewards to retailers upon the basis of milestones they cross. For each sales milestone achieved, the brand offers them reward points. Thus, retailers are motivated to keep working on maximising sales. 

Indian Brands using tech-based Loyalty Platforms:

  • PASEO (Tissue Roll)

PASEO(Tissue Roll Brand) overcame its supply chain-related traceability cum supply chain partners loyalty issue. PASEO’s performance showed an upliftment in its overall revenue and goodwill after adopting a QR-code-based service named Rewardify by Genefied. It has benefited in terms of increased revenue, brand authenticity, track and trace via the supply chain, and undivided loyalty of retailers. Asia pulp and paper products made by PASEO are covered by QR Codes which ensure end-to-end traceability. Retailers get quick redemption by scanning the QR-Code and then scratching the code to win assured rewards on big lots..

  • Uber: 

Uber- India’s famous cab service has shown an upward trend in its overall business statistics by offering loyalty services. Its Loyalty runs on the basis of a digital payments scheme. For every digital payment received until your customer reaches 100 rides, he automatically enters the VIP program Hereby, he is given an update in the type of car when he books a ride next time.

  •  Xiaomi:

Xiaomi offers the VIP CLUB and tier-based loyalty program. There are a huge number of Xiaomi retail outlets. It focuses on ‘Maximum reach and minimum spend’ and, in just a period of five years Xiaomi and its tech devices have taken over more than a quarter of India’s smartphone market. 

VIP Club members have the earliest access to the new products that are introduced from time to time. As the points keep on adding, retailers are automatically upgraded into upper tiers.

  • H&M:

H&M offers the in-store reward promotion via bill scanning or via their mobile app. 

The bill has either QR codes or Barcodes that can be scanned. Interestingly, its digital application based loyalty platform is freely accessible to all. To promote the opening of any new retail outlet, H&M assures them to give extra discounts to grab new customers. 


Final takeaway & Conclusion:

We at Genefied have already embraced the new trends when it comes to QR code-based services and schemes. Our services are incorporated with Traceability cum Loyalty Programs that focus upon instant redemption to Retailers. 

Our clients from various industries have shown drastic changes in their supply chain performances and the number of their respective loyal partners/retailers/distributors.

You are not late, strengthen your brand’s strategy with Rewardify-the best retail loyalty program, offered by Genefied.

Approach us now to avail our services and see how our solutions can give you an edge over others. 

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