Think back to the time when brands did not recognize the importance of a loyal consumer base. Those were the times when organizations were happy enough in serving the consumers once and never strategizing to retain them. And the reason behind it was the absence of a smart consumer loyalty platform

The scenario has changed now.

As per a source: Increasing customer retention by just 5% boosts profits by 15% to 95%

Keeping the importance of consumer loyalty in mind, Genefied has designed its consumer loyalty program named Scan & Win. This amazing solution allows brand owners to identify consumer satisfaction metrics and channelize them for the overall growth of the company. If you are eying to have a look at the bigger picture of this solution, then this blog post is the right link. 

How Scan & Win helps brands identify consumer satisfaction metrics? 

Scan & Win not only rewards the consumers but also benefits the brands in determining the key loyalty habits of the consumers. This allows the brands to strengthen their position in the market.

  • Captures consumers data insights

The program is built with a function to capture consumer data insights using a smart QR code scan. This works two ways:

  1. It captures the consumer data once the consumer scans the QR code and rewards them timely.
  2. The brands make use of this data to reach back to the consumer and retain them by rewarding them. 

The collection of data insights works wonders for the brands by acting as a wealth of information. With this consumer loyalty platform, brands can reap the benefits and retain their loyal consumers.

  • Facilitates efficient marketing

Scan & Win has re-defined marketing and the credit goes to its approach. The captured data helps brands in re-connecting for marketing to provide various benefits to the consumers. This way, consumers feel valued by receiving rewards. 

Why choose Scan & Win for your brand?

Scan & Win is a one-of-its-kind solution for brands to make their loyal consumers stick to them for a lifetime. It offers benefits like:

  • Bridges the gap between the consumers and brands

This budget program fills the gap between the end consumers and the brands instantly. Consequently, it strengthens the relationship between both sides and builds more trust while encouraging buying again and again from the same brand.

  • Provides instant gratification to consumers with rewards

Scan & Win is a program that uses a smart QR code scan and provides digital coupons to consumers. This gives instant gratification to the recipients and is easy to process. 

  1. Acts as a source of marketing

The program provides consumer data and the brands use this data to reconnect with the consumers for marketing.  

Summing up:

Technology will never see stagnation, but what can pause is your capacity to embrace it. Be a part of this ever-evolving world and make your brand stand apart from its competitors. In order to attract new consumers and keep them coming back, a solid consumer loyalty program is required. 

Genefied is assisting numerous brands with Scan & Win and would love to see your name on the list of such brands. If you intend to do the same, make us a part of your success story by connecting with us. Our consumer loyalty platform is truly the most result-oriented and effective. And to experience it, you got to try it. 

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