You know QR codes and you know they are used all across the globe.


The potential of Quick Response (QR) code was hidden about a decade ago. However, QR codes now come to hold a prominent position in the marketplace. They are serving various industries, and one of them being the fertilizers industry.


As per a source: The highest penetration of QR code based on use-cases is for product information (51.5%) followed closely by event information (19.8%), to avail offers (12.5%), and app downloads (8.2%).


With so many advantages that QR codes bring, names like Genefied have already started serving this market segment. Let’s learn the benefits of using QR codes in the fertilizers industry!


  1. Savior against counterfeit goods


QR codes have come as a saviour for the fertilizer producing companies. Several of them have added QR codes on the packaging of their products. The code leads them to the respective website where the buyers could learn more about the product or verify it. The basic aim of this is to check the authenticity of the product.


An anti-counterfeiting solution through QR codes gives the companies a chance to build a strategic approach to minimize the risk that counterfeit products pose. Consequently, the buyers are saved from falling prey to fake product sellers.


  1. Smoothen traceability


The world has become a global village for the better. At present, you can purchase or order fertilizers in bulk from a producer who is far away from your place. But how can a producer keep a track of the order after it has been shipped? The answer is simple- through QR code.


Brands can trace the movement of its products until they reach the final destination. This keeps them posted on the progress of the products in transit and also prevents any discrepancies from occurring. The use of a QR code for product tracking has garnered a lot of popularity in the fertilizers industry owing to the issues that were facing the brand owners.


  1. Loyalty booster


The fertilizers industry struggles with retaining their loyal channel partners (retailers & distributors) and consumers. Generally, brand owners are left with less time to work upon making them stick to their brand. Surprisingly, a single QR code on your product can do wonders for your brand and curb the menace of losing loyal channel partners and consumers.


Through a QR code, you can make them earn loyalty points, cashback and new offers. And how will this help your brand?Well! We’ll leave that up to you to find the answer by implementing this smart strategy.




The fertilizer industry can’t put its market share at stake by sticking to an obsolete approach to take the business forward. This era belongs to QR codes and brand owners have to embrace the modern options to survive.


Being a fertilizer-producing company, you can bank on the QR code-based solutions and see how QR codes are helping the fertilizers industry at a larger level.


With Genefied by your side, you can dive deeper into the world of QR codes and see how it can ramp up your game in the market. Our team of experts is always there to hear you and clear your doubts.


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