Retailer Loyalty Platform

Retailers form the most important part of every business’ supply chain. Retailer Loyalty Platform is the base to procure your loyal retailers and partners for the longest time.

While designing the goals and thus, the smartest Retailer Loyalty Platform, you should focus on the ‘SMART’ POLICY.

Thus, making sure that your goals are

  1. Specific (Concrete)
  2. Measurable (based upon set targets)
  3. Accepted (accepted and liked by current and prospective stakeholders)
  4. Realistic (based upon realistically achievable targets)
  5. Timed (results obtained within deadlines)

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” ― Simon Sinek

The shape of the Retailer Loyalty Platform offered by your company is the bridge to the efficiency of your company’s earning and integrity. Customers are considered to be the king of the market but, to lead to the king you have to hold onto the right retailer. Thus, the ultimate goal of each Retailer Loyalty Platform is the Brand’s efficiency which is anyhow dependent upon procuring the retailers and customers.

There are some significant goals that your brand needs to focus upon while building up its unique Retailer Loyalty Platform.

  • Retain Loyal Partners

With the huge competition running around you, it is very important to retain loyal partners and retailers. Your company’s digital Retailer Loyalty Platform needs to focus upon the main members of the supply chain i.e. Retailers. The features of the platform must be enough to lure your partners to be naturally driven towards your company and brand. Happy the retailers are, there would be happy customers followed by the long run procurement of loyal distributors and partners. The rewards must act as the token of keeping the stakeholders intact in your supply chain for the longest time possible.

  • Increase Emotional Connectivity

The main aim of Royalty Platform is to procure the retailers for the long run but, it is impossible unless your platform lacks emotional connectivity with suppliers. Shape your Reality Platform with the focus of maintaining the maximum emotional connection with your supply chain partners in a way that they stay loyal to your brand through shared rewards and values. This will automatically help in building the expanded customer base.

  • Enhanced Communication

Let your Royalty Platform become your company’s voice. Retailers, partners, distributors should feel at ease when they buy your company products. Royalty Platform should be the automatic source of communication between your brand and the supply chain members via your rewards, complaint or return policies. The more personalized communication the loyalty platform offers, the more shall be the footfall of customers.

  • Boost Sales and Revenue

When your brand offers an exclusive Loyalty experience, there will be the automatic return of lost partners and also a retainment in existing ones. It should focus on incrementing the overall revenue of the company which is only possible if you offer unique and the best loyalty rewards as compared to your competitors. A well-established royalty platform that ensures instant benefits via QR-Code base reward schemes is likely to improve your sales velocity followed by increased ROI.

  • Establish the Brand Name

The features of your Retailer Loyalty Platform will determine your Brand’s credibility in the market. Thus, while building up your program, the ultimate focus must be upon developing your company’s goodwill. Goodwill shall further show an upward trend depending upon the benefits, and rewards which you offer under your offered program.

  • OmniChannel Availability

Your Brand’s loyalty platform should have omnipresence, meaning to say that the reward earners should be able to use the benefits online as well as offline. Customers nowadays prefer to be mobile-savvy and thus, are likely to be attracted to the brand which offers e-commerce based loyalty points or benefits.

  • Identify and Record the Data

It is important to focus upon retailer retention strategies, to be able to procure the relevant data needed and use it for business. However, using the digital methods of offering Loyalty programs gives instant data about the relevant supply chain partners which can lead towards successful operations and dealings.

How to design the perfect goal-driven Retailer Loyalty Platform?

Contact Genefied, we shall help you transform your business into a profit-earning setup.

It offers the program named, REWARDIFY that will help your brand in styling the most effective and the most efficient Retailer Loyalty Platform. The success of your brand lies in the objectives that your platform is directed to!!

Let Genefied take over and play with your Locality Platform through REWARDIFY-The QR-Code based designer to your Retailer Loyalty Platform.

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