In India, there is no dearth of occasions to celebrate and exchange gifts. As a nation, we’re becoming increasingly obsessed with the festive season, and so are the brands. Every brand is muscling in on the action to be in the front of mind during this festive season. Every brand is going that extra mile to reap the rewards.


You probably are here and reading this blog post because you are a brand owner. Right? And if the answer is yes, then you would like to know what best gifts can brands like you offer to the consumers and retailers this festive season. Read on to know how you can enhance the feeling of festive spirit for yourself and parties connected.


  1. Loyalty Rewards

The behaviour of retailers and consumers is evolving and taking on new meanings. To live up to their expectations, brands ought to bring something extra for them and reward them for their loyalty. However, things won’t be as smooth as they were during the last few years.


As per The Economic Times, festive season spend may dip by 33% this year; property, auto to bear the brunt.


Repercussions of COVID-19 have brought the market to a standstill and has been hard on all the industries. Still, brands can manage to present festive gifts to their consumers and other channel partners by rewarding them.


Brand owners can come up with loyalty points where one point is equivalent to a certain amount of money. For instance, 1 lac loyalty points equal to INR 10,000 and this program can be offered to retailers. Whosoever manages to secure the given number of loyalty points will get a cash reward.


The good news is that you can bank on solutions like Scan & Win and Rewardify, which are the ultimate digital solutions provided by Genefied. You can tap the expectations that peak during the season that is celebrated every year. While the former aims to retain loyal consumers, it is the latter that assists brands in making loyal channel partners stick to them.


  1. Raffle Draw

Get your brand off the ground by tapping the potential of a raffle draw. It is a great way to boost publicity and attract a bigger consumer base. This festive season, your brand can attract more consumers with a well-promoted raffle. The best part about holding a raffle draw is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a small business just starting out or an old hat corporate brand.


Put yourself in your consumer’s shoes and generate better results to make this season grand for your brand and its consumers & retailers. Cash, gifts cards, electronics and other goodies tend to be big hits when it comes to making a raffle draw successful.


  1. Redemption

There are various brands out there in the market who offer rewards like cars, bikes and other appliances through their programs. But the question arises as to how brands should ensure timely reaching of the reward to the winners.


Brands like Genefied have a good number of people on-ground who make sure the product reaches its destination in time. And when it’s Dhanteras, Diwali or Christmas, your brand can reach new targets by making redemption of gifts smooth and timely.


  1. Consumer Retargeting

As per a source, 25% of consumers appreciate being reminded of products that they previously pursued.


Giving your consumers an experience they can choose forever is the best thing you can do for your brand. During this festive season, you can keep your brand top of mind for consumers who will search for the products or services that you offer. This way, you can make them remember your brand for a lifetime.


You can strategize to utilize the data collected to be used in future. Consumer retargeting will come as your second try to make an impression on the consumer. What better can you bring for your consumers than making them feel valued from time to time?


Final Takeaway:

Rapidly changing consumer behaviour and fierce competition from global brands, various brand owners are realizing that innovative solutions are required. And there can be no other better time than a festive season.

Reach out to the experts at Genefied to learn more about our solutions.

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