Certificate Counterfeiting

E-Learning is developing and so is the concern about its authentication and security. Covid-19 has overpowered our economy. This biggest transition has been seen in the education system. Education has shifted to online mode. 

With that comes the digital risk. Hereby, Certificate Counterfeiting is also rising. This is creating havoc not only on certificate issuing institutes as well as students. Universities, colleges, and other institutions are an integral part of the whole setup. 

Citing these conditions, Genefied has introduced the QR code-based product. 

CAP it is!!-Certificate Authentication Platform. It works via QR codes to authenticate digital educational certificates and ease the issuance process.

Why is Authentication Important?

  • Control Certification Counterfeiting:

Mounting numbers of frauds in documents and Educational Certificates have raised the need for authentication. In order to control certificate counterfeiting, QR codes are the best certificate authentication solution. They help manage the genuineness of certificates.

  • Certificate Management:

With growing menace of certificate counterfeiting, The reputation of certificate issuing bodies is at stake.  QR codes are a necessity to authenticate all certificates.This keeps the whole p[rocess of managing and controlling at ease.

QR code authentication is a two layer process. There is a scratch code in the second layer which lets the issuing body know if there is any tampering done with QR codes.

  • Track and Trace:

Authentication is an integral part. The issuing body can track and trace any educational certificate digitally. This is only possible if the certificate is authenticated with a QR code. Also, digital validation is only possible via tech solutions. Manual tracking is not at all possible. 

This validation keeps the awarding bodies, certificate holders, and the third party users updated. They can access validation, or expiry information just by a single scan. 

  • Build Trust and Goodwill:

In order to build your goodwill, authentication is a foremost step. If you are issuing educational certificates, your reputation is at much risk. Certificate counterfeiting cannot be controlled unless you opt for a digital solution. A single fake certification can cause disruption in your supply chain. Furthermore, students, third party end users start to lose interest in your work.

QR codes are the only means to secure your brand name. They act as first line warriors against fake certifications.

  • Safety for Students/Professionals:

Many times professionals have to suffer. They received certifications after a course or training. However, due to lack of validation and authentication, they lose some jobs. They might also suffer from certificate counterfeiting.

QR Codes-The Ultimate tool to control Certificate Counterfeiting

You must be wondering as to why we are focusing upon QR codes. Here is the answer to it. 

QR codes have a proven record of securing and authenticating digital/non-digital educational certifications. We owe its success to the following features of QR codes:

  • Easy to Integrate and Operate:

QR codes are the most secure and easiest to operate tech solutions. In order to control certificate counterfeiting, you can integrate them with current document issuing systems. 

Their operation also needs a basic mobile scanner. The moment you scan the code, you reach the website’s URL where the complete information is available. 

  • Overall Life Cycle Management:

Once the educational certificate is issued with a QR code. It is secured for life long. The QR code for each certificate is unique and cannot be cloned. This prevents its forgery. Also, it is registered in an online database with its unique QR code. It can be accessed anytime online. The whole data remains intact. 

  • Damage Proof QR codes:

CAP ensures complete authentication and protection. This has been made possible with our dynamic QR codes which are tamper-proof.

  • Low-Level Maintenance and Cost:

QR codes are the most cost-effective tech solution for preventing certification counterfeiting. Their user-friendly nature is the best part that makes them the most used tool.

  • Easy to Validate:

The mobile scanner is what you need to validate the educational certificates. If a student needs to get his document verified. He can easily scan the QR code and get access to its authenticity. Also, validate and verify the license of the certificate issuing body.



CAP is the one-stop solution for all concerns related to the educational certificate issuing process. Its anti-counterfeiting quality for certificates counterfeiting makes it the best choice. 


CAP is the solution for :

  1. Validation of the genuineness of the certificates, 
  2. Manages the database & certificates, 
  3. Manages the license issues of the institutions,
  4. and validity of the certificates. 


If you are an educational institute, or any other certificate issuing body, Contact Genefied. 

Let QR code be your saviour against fakes and certificate duplications.

You can visit our website to know more about our case studies.

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