Securing the process of digital Document Verification, certificate management, and authentication is the most recent development in the Cyber World.

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Why is Digital Documents Verification and Authentication important?

Online verification of documents, management of students’ databases followed by the Institution’s license management, and the validity of issued Certificates by various issuing bodies need to be protected digitally. With the increasing level of fraud and cybercrimes, the authentication process for document verification has become a difficult task. Various Brands or Companies issuing the certificates suffer from the cumbersome tasks of proving their authenticity whereas students on the other hand suffer from fraud. 


What is the scope of Digital Document Verification?

The process of digital document verification using the QR Code-Based Scheme has a vast scope as it covers multiple aspects.QR Code technology provides a  feasible platform for authenticating  

  • Detecting the Fraud Certificates:

QR-Code technology is the solution to detect fraud in digitally issued certifications. Each certificate or document is issued with a QR code that is imprinted on it. On scanning the QR code, the fraud certificate issued in the name of any Authenticated Institution can be detected easily.

  • Prevention of Duplicate Certificates:

Any document that belongs to any other person but, when issued to any candidate in his name by forging, QR Code helps in detecting its originality. Digital verification becomes easier by the use of QR Codes that can be used in the designs of certificate construction.

  • Track and Trace:

Certificate awarding bodies have huge databases which are otherwise maintained manually. Providing the data to any random students turns out to be a cumbersome task. Thus, digital databases can be prepared while being secured via unique QR codes for every database and thus, ensuring each digital document’s verification that is contained inside it.

  • License Management of the Issuing body:

We can validate the license of the 

  • Authenticate and Automate the Supply Chain of Certifications:

Certificate issuing body thus, ensuring the automatic authentication of digital documents.

Create the automatic digital supply chain of the complete process of certificate issuance by certificate issuing body followed by its digital authentication and pure security.

       Protecting the Issuance of Certificates:

Using the protection technology along with the software to ensure there is no third-party interruption at any stage.


Types of Technology used for Digital Documents’ Verification:

  • QR Code Technology

QR[Code based technology helps in maintaining the uniqueness of each digital document and also helps in its authentication. Students/document holders can easily get their documents verified via a QR Code code scanner that gives instant data. The uniqueness of the QR code itself is the reason that any document with a valid QR code can never be copied or forged.

  • Holograms

The hologram is another tool of Anti Document Counterfeit technology. Holograms are made in such a way that they not only maintain the authenticity of each document but also help a normal user to detect a false or illegal document.


Due to the efficiency, cost-effective nature, and ease of implementing it, QR-Code technology is highly preferred. CAP (Certificate Authentication Platform) is one such  

Techno-service that is offered by Genefied.

How CAP Works?

CAP (Certificate Authentication Platform), the QR-Code Based platform initiated by GENEIFIED, is the ultimate solution to Digital documents’ verification. It provides you with the best solution to ease the process of Digital Verification of Certificates issued by your company. The working of this platform is totally based upon the use of QR-Codes.

CAP provides multiple benefits in its application:

  • Authenticity of certificates

CAP by Geneifed uses QR Code technology to make sure there is no chance of duplicity in certificates. It ensures the authenticity of the digital documents as each QR Code is unique to each document and its verification becomes easier and 

  • Validation of issued certificates

CAP not only maintains the authenticity of digital documents but also keeps the track of the validity of digitally issued certificates.

  • Brand Protection

Certificate Authentication works towards securing the Brand or the certificate issuing company by authenticating the documents issued by them. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the brand in the market.

  • User-Friendly

Once the certificate is secured with a QR code in the digital database, it can easily be shared online by the students (to whom certificates are issued) for any further use.


CAP is the one-stop solution for Anti-Certificate Counterfeit Solution!!


Approach Genefied for your Brand’s protection by experiencing our QR Code technology for document verification and authenticating certificates issued by your company digitally. 

Let us help you in the Certificate Management process and also develop your brand’s Integrity and Authenticity.

Genefied has already gained much recognition in the market on grounds of the security, integrity, and authentication that it has been able to provide to certificate issuing authorities and companies

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