Warranty Management System is a dynamic aspect that keeps expanding. With the expansion of your product lines and manufacturing processes, the complexity rises.

Hereby, we are here to impose the significance of the Digital Warranty Management System. Yes, you got us right!

Are still sticking to a conventional warranty system based upon paperwork and register maintenance?

Are you still working hard to experience these results from your warranty system?

  1. Quick Availability of Data
  2. Easy Communication
  3. Enhanced Supply Chain Traceability
  4. Anti-Fraud Element

If yes, Genefied has introduced a QR code-based Digital Warranty System for brands like you!

DWAM it is! (Digital Warranty Activation Management)

DWAM is the most successful Digital Warranty Management System that ensures end-to-end validation of warranty. QR codes give complete transparency to your supply chain. Each product is labelled with a unique QR code. This prevents warranty counterfeiting fraud.


INTRODUCTION – Client from Automotive Industry

Our client is one of the biggest four-wheeler sellers in India. Despite having proper planning it started experiencing tarnished brand image and depleted revenue. It failed to achieve substantial cost savings. This was happening due to:

  1. an increase in warranty frauds, and
  2. absence of a reliable warranty management system.


Falling revenue curve and customer base.

Genefied, on its research, found out the following flaws in the brand’s current Warranty Management System:


  • Absence of Digital Solutions:

Our client was using a Traditional Warranty Management System. In the absence of AI and IoT based tools, it was facing an increase in cost and time elements.


  • Huge time investment in the claim settlement process.
  • Increased warranty frauds due to reliance upon paperwork. And we know how manual data recording is prone to errors.
  • Fragmented Communication :

With the continuous expansion of the supply chain came distorted communication. In absence of digitalised platforms, our client faced issues with customer engagement. This distance results when channels of supply spread. Thus, customers fail to connect directly with the brand.


Decreased customer confidence and ultimately, the sales.

  • Increased Warranty Claim Frauds:

Our client saw a sharp rise in fraud during covid-19. It was dependent upon a conventional warranty management system which gave birth to frauds due to multiple loopholes. This happened due to the absence of security cover in its warranty system. Poor data maintenance and reliable means to detect false claims.


Increased operational costs resulting from fraudulent warranty claims.

  • Unverified Data:

In the absence of quick service tools like QR codes, our client had to rely upon paper-based data. This data is subject to interference and also errors. Hereby, resulting in a rise in:

  • Counterfeit Goods
  • Duplicate Claims
  • False Claims
  • False defect
  • Falling Brand Image:

Our client suffered a backlash from customers due to

  • increased time in claim settlement,
  • counterfeit goods, and
  • poor communication channel.

This further led to the poor integrity of its product and its brand name. Failure to serve customers in time results from the absence of digital warranty solutions.

Solution: Use a QR code-based warranty management system that streamlines all data and processes.

  • Delayed Claim Management:

Delay in claim settlement occurs when you stick to the non-digitalised claim management system. Yes, it is the reality.

Every element of a conventional warranty depends upon human tasks. It is not automated and all the processes have to be streamlined. Each step needs to be verified. This takes time. The cost and time incurred overall are high.

  • Downfall in Customer Base:

Due to the non-availability of tech means, our client saw a fall in customer base. Wonder why?

Customers opted to shift to its competitor due to better warranty surety, claim/return management, and automated 24/7 customer services.


After a detailed analysis of our client’s complete problem, Genefied offered them a QR code-based solution.

DWAM-Digital Warranty Activation Management as anti-digital warranty fraud tool.

It is a techno solution powered by QR codes.

DWAM guarantees a complete security cover for your Warranty Management System. Let us walk you through our storyline with your counterpart.

Benefits offered by DWAM

  • Anti-Digital Warranty Fraud:

Genefied’s QR code-based warranty management solution is quick to detect fraud. Any false claim or counterfeiting claim is alarmed in a second. This is the result of QR codes. Each unit is labelled with a unique QR code. It cannot be copied or tampered with.

No need for human interference, there is automated reporting of every error.

  • Increased Supply Chain Traceability:

With increased traceability comes the rise in customer value.

Want to know how?

Our client after adopting DWAM’s services earned dual benefits.

Customers could now trace every product and data related to it. On a quick scan, a customer can easily track their product.

Similarly, the supplier/manager could easily track and trace each entry across the supply chain. QR codes improve the visibility of the entire warranty management system.

  • Intelligent Claims Settlement:

With an automated set-up powered by QR codes, the claim settlement process improved. Human dependency is reduced. Thus, shaping an effective digitalised warranty management system.

  • Automated Data Availability:

After adopting QR codes, our client was successful in optimizing its current warranty management system. There was an elimination of errors and omissions due to the use of IoT based tools.

Genefied’s DWAM is a completely automated tool that requires no human functionality. Data is easily available via online databases. This helps to streamline claim submission, return process, and enhance productivity.

  • Digitalised Solutions:

QR code-based warranty management system comes with interlinked digitalised solutions. It increases efficiency and uplifts automacy in the warranty management system. This further drives an organisation towards higher revenue. IoT blacked solutions like QR code-based warranty management is a complete success.

  • Self-Service Portals:

Genefied’s solution offers self-service portals for customers. This helps customers to connect 24/7 for their warranty related issues and queries. The online databases contain huge data information. Thus, a digitalised warranty management system like OURS helps maximise customer satisfaction. The digitalised platform is a fully automated platform. It relieves your brand of handling cumbersome tasks.

  • 24/7 Helpline support
  • Grievance Hearing via Emails
  • Whatsapp Chat Support
  • Real-Time Analysis:

The Warranty Management System that functions upon QR codes has the ability to track weak points. Our client could easily detect any fraudulent claim, and weak points in customer services, etc. This escalates your strategies for the future.

  • Real-Time Coordination:

Digital Warranty Management System like DWAM provides digital solutions. All these are interlinked and work automatically. This helps in the quick coordination of every step of the warranty settlement process.

Our client could now easily settle:

  • supplier recovery claims,
  • motor vehicle part exchange process,
  • customer warranty claims,
  • including the ones fulfilled by third parties.


How can you benefit from this solution?

QR Codes are causing waves of digital transformation in the economy today. So is their role in Warranty Management Systems.

What are you waiting for?

Make Digital Warranty Management System your Strategic Advantage!

Don’t you wish to streamline your process and see revenue upliftment?

DWAM guarantees

  • Increase in revenue and profit
  • Up to 90% increase in claim processing cycle time
  • Up to 80% decrease in claim settlement cost.
  • 100% Reduction in fraudulent warranty claims

If you wish to experience these, call our experts. Let them guide you with transformation in your current warranty systems. Integrate QR codes in your current Warranty Management Systems only with Genefied.

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