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The loyalty of your consumer is determined on the basis of the number of repeat purchases that he makes. The benefits that your brand ensures to the customer, either an instant reward or discount on future purchases. The apparel industry is considered to be the most competitive one. So it should have a Customer Loyalty Platform.

A consumer is bombarded with irrelevant mass-offers by the fashion brand but, to whom he chooses to stick, depends upon the rewards and customer services.

An intellectual and result oriented Customer Loyalty Platform is the only solution. 


How do you stand out among your customers? 

This is not only dependent upon the quality of clothes and the variety you offer. As per current market needs, customers get attracted to your brand if you offer them the extra topping which other brands don’t.

This extra topping should be an IoT-based benefit to stand out from other brands and their respective loyalty schemes.

A QR code-based Loyalty Platform helps you win the undistracted loyalty of your customer forever. The instant redemption that your brand assures is the tool to uplift their purchases from your brand.


Genefied has introduced one such QR code-based Loyalty Platform named-Scan&Win

The apparel industry is flooded with brands whether big or small. What helps you earn your market share is QR-codes which are a source of traceability cum loyalty.

Challenges faced by our clients from Apparel Industry

Our clients suffered from the following issues prior to adopting our services.

  • Lack of instant Reward Redemption:

The use of non-digitalised loyalty platforms cannot help your brand win the loyalty of your customers. Do you know why?

Non-digitalised methods do not provide instant happiness and rewards. The customer nowadays sticks to the clothing brand that provides him with the extra benefit that too, at quickest. 

  • Lack of holistic customer data:

While sticking to offline data maintenance, brands could not succeed in grabbing relevant information. Brands lack the ability to personalize their relationships with consumers. This results from a lack of integration with CRM. As a result, there is a huge disparity between what consumers expect and what they get from the brands. 

  • Use of Traditional Methods:

Most of the brands still rely upon emailers and text message promotions. These no longer attract customers. Brands that lack in providing the omnichannel ground to let customers earn their rewards, fail in building effective customer loyalty.


  • Lack of Traceability:

Due to the absence of digitalised supply chain management and the absence of QR codes, which otherwise provide instant track and trace, our clients suffered from traceability issues. This further increased the chances of the entry of counterfeits via their supply chain

  • Distorted Communication:

The absence of modern tech-based loyalty platforms is characterised by the proven inability to maintain direct contact with end customers.

How Genefied’s QR-code based platform assisted in overcoming these obstacles:

QR codes are a boon for the Apparel industry’s loyalty programs. Let’s see how!

  • Undivided Loyalty of Customers:

Scan&Win has helped our clients win and uplift the loyalty of their customers. Apparels are a bit costly when it comes to brands. What motivates your customer is the benefit which gets immediately when he scans the QR code on the product he purchases.

  • Acquisition of relevant data:

The data collected from QR code scanning by customers has helped our clients from the apparel industry with valuable insights into consumers’ behaviour. It helps apparel brands to segment their consumers into categories according to their choices and interests. It becomes the source of personalised marketing and sales.

  • Provision of instant incentives:

A smart QR code scan can provide immediate loyalty benefits to consumers. The time when a consumer purchases your product, he or she will scan the QR code on the product’s packaging. This will make consumers stick to your brand. 

  • Efficient Marketing:

Our clients, after adopting our QR code-based loyalty platform, have been able to adopt efficient marketing techniques. This has been made possible only after the customer metrics which they were able to analyse via online databases maintained via QR codes scanned.

  • Upliftment of revenue:

With the increased loyalty and thus, the customer base, brands have shown an upward shift in their revenues. Another reason is the cost of pre-printed QR codes. They are a cost-effective tool for building an effective loyalty platform.

  • Brand Authenticity:

Brand’s authenticity and consistency go hand in hand. The more consistent your loyalty platform is, the more customers it shall attract. Thus, Scan & Win helps in building the authenticity of your products and the company. Hereby, building up the trust of customers towards your brand.


Summing Up

Don’t suffer in the time of ever-increasing competition. Your brand needs to focus upon efficient customer services and thus, their retention. 

Let Genefied help you design the most valuable customer loyalty platform. Make your brand outshine when it comes to fashion clothing and apparels.

Genefied’s QR code-based product i.e. Scan&Win ensures:

  1. Personalization of service,
  2. Omni-Channel Benefit, 
  3. Cost-Effective Solution

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