Strategies for customer loyalty

Ever wondered how your brand can reach out to your customers and earn their loyalty? 

Smart Customer Loyalty Platform it is!!

Almost all your competitive brands might also have a Customer Loyalty Platform but, to stand out, yours need to be the SMARTEST.

QR codes seem to have taken over the digital world. A unique loyalty platform is built on the basis of QR codes that is what we call a SMART CUSTOMER LOYALTY PLATFORM.

  1. Its success relies upon the ‘’easy to scan’’ QR codes that are labelled upon each product. 
  2. Each product is labelled with a unique QR code.
  3. The customer scans the code and wins the reward.
  4. The customer gets instant gratification.

Must-have strategies for building and maintaining effective Customer Loyalty.

There are no fixed formulas for designing the customer retention strategy directed towards an effective customer loyalty platform. However, there are some well-proven strategies that you can focus upon while developing your brand’s cost-effective and positive result-oriented loyalty platform.

Allow us to introduce you to the following:

  • Personalisation of Sales and Marketing:

The current era doesn’t let you earn your desired revenue and goodwill unless you design personalized solutions. Your customer loyalty platform should be able to offer consumers personalized rewards. 

Result: Customers will be naturally inclined towards your brand and stick around for a lifetime. 

  • Authenticity and Consistency:

Your brand’s authenticity and trust come from consistency. There has to be the consistency of customer service and also the consistency of the brand. 

Customer Loyalty Platform needs to give customers a consistent feeling of familiarity. Make sure that you look at your brand, logo, values, and marketing while designing your unique loyalty platform. Remember, your own goodwill is at stake!! 

  • Instant Digital Gratification:

Build a loyalty platform that serves the customers immediately. In this digital era, customers rely upon the quickness of benefits. 

A smart program like Scan&Win is one that uses QR code scanning capable of providing digital coupons to consumers. This gives instant gratification to the recipients and long term loyalty to your brand. 

  • Integrate CRM databases:

You ought to build a customer loyalty platform that syncs easily to your CRM database. This shall be helpful for your marketing team to develop customer profiles. 

Don’t forget to include this feature while developing your consumer retention strategy. 

  • Self-Service/Digitalized Customer Service

An effective customer loyalty platform is one that deals with all sorts of customer issues, redemptions, and queries. Use the digitalized services that will automate such functions. 

Result: The more you connect with customers, the more they will be drawn towards your brand. Digitalized customer service should be in-built and well-adjusted to the platform to serve the consumers anytime and anywhere. 

  • Easy Handling and Customer Convenience

Your brand needs to ensure that a loyalty platform is convenient for all sorts of customers. This is an equality feature. The platform for customer retention should be easy to use for all. There is no complexity while scanning the QR codes, filling the complaints, or even for redemption purposes. 

Remember: Its simplicity must be at its best.  

The more hassle-free it is, the more customers will be attracted. Why? Because your current customers will act as your brand ambassadors

  • Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

There are offline and online avenues available for customer interaction and engagement. While designing your unique customer loyalty platform keep in mind that there is always someone on the other side to represent your brand.

Result: Customers feel emotionally connected when they are served quickly as when they need assistance.

Neither every customer can use digital ways, nor can every customer visit the stores.

  • Focus on maximum communication

Focus on uplifting your CRM databases. This is the proven way to support maximum communication with your customers. QR code-based Loyalty platform is the best way to build communicable loyalty platforms. There are plenty of avenues customers can take to get in contact with you, streamline communications to prevent any complications. Whether it is Facebook, WhatsApp, email, or Instagram.

How to build an effective platform for your brand?

While there is no fixed formula/solution to design your Customer Loyalty Platform. But, you can use the above-mentioned strategies to build your unique network.

Making a smart decision is never too late!!!

At Genefied, we are dedicated to delivering QR-code based services. Our advanced platform for customer retention helps brands with far-reaching results.

Our QR-code product- Scan&Win is the solution to your problem! 

It is built keeping in mind the above-mentioned strategies. To feel the transition in your customer retention levels, call Genefied.

Contact us to know more about our product.

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