B2C brand? A smart QR code could can add enormous value, here’s how

1. Add a layer of Smart QR code

There is a basic difference between the normal QR code you produce and a smart QR code. A smart QR code add a layer of app based integration with your brand and asks a consumer to download an app before showing the details. Once the consumer scan the data of the brand is exhibited in a better way. The video and the product manufacturing with other necessary details are given to the consumer for making it a better product.

This labels goes on your product and gives it a unique identity

2. Promote the smart QR code Technology on the product

Once you have added the layer, tell your consumer how smart your product has become through subtle promotions. Exhibit that you have added a layer of brand protection through QR code (Yes brand protection through QR code is possible) Promote on social media and help them gain trust to scan.


3. Collect the relevant Consumer Feedback

Once they scan after purchase ask them for their feedback. A collective feedbacks from people who have purchased your product could take you miles ahead with your program. You can later plan to exhibit that data on your website to make it count.

4. Ask them to share the product organically

Once they are on the scan screen ask them share the products subtly. Once they know they can share it on the app screen voila, you can imagine how many impressions you can make. GenuineMark does that for you. Contact the team and it will help you sort it.

5. Perform a product cataloging on the app

Sometime you have hundreds of different SKU’s and the consumer look for even more from the brand but the retailers have few or most selling goods. You can simply show them other related products and here you go again. They can simply order it from your ecommerce cutting all the margin on the products and adding a value again

6. Analyse where your are products are sold the most

Through various counts and information of the collective data generated through smart QR code tech you can determine the behaviour of consumer’s purchase and then determine the sales across your regions of supremacy. Sometime when the product is also demanded elsewhere and the manufacturers have no clue tech can be a saviour to help you guide the right way

7. Add digital warranty to your product (if you provide one)

If you have a consumer durable or electronic or any other hardware with a warranty it becomes seemingly challenging to maintain a database of consumer through bills. If a consumer simply scan a QR and enter his product code or an OTP the consumer warranty can be activated as per brands pre requisite

8. Add cashback and loyalty and incentivise their regular purchases

Adding Cashback to your products has become a recent trend. A consumer specially from a younger age group would be delighted to see cashback getting in the app and might want to purchase more. You can even incentivise your consumer through their count of purchases if the tech is set right.

9. Give personalised discount notifications to your regular buyers

Once you know who your consumers are through smart codes its easier to make them buy your products even more. Send them personalised gifts through technology and make sure you are personally connected with them through AI

10. Give them confidence by protecting your brand

1.3 trillion dollar of fake goods and nearly millions of consumers cheated. The brand protection has now become a matter of concern for consumer. Adding unique Smart code to your brand would help you deliver trust and consumer would be delighted to buy and show loyalty towards the brand.

Need help with adding these layers to your brand ? One of our executives would be happy to help. Please write to us at helpdesk@genuineMark.orgor call us at

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