Do you wish to control your cost and also speed up your tasks? Then, you should certainly take your functions and processes to the next technological level through Supply Chain Digitalization. 

“Eighty-five percent of the reasons for failure are deficiencies in the systems and process rather than the employee. The role of management is to change the process rather than badgering individuals to do better.” ~ W. Edwards Deming 

Digitalization of the Supply Chain ensures operational efficiency along with economical pricing and controlled operational costs followed by a rise in sales. It has rather become a crucial need of the hour to ensure end-to-end transparency and deep insight to maintain the Loyalty of your Supply Chain Partners.

QR-Code based platforms are gaining ground among the companies and brands that are adopting the digitalization of their supply chain.

Here is the list of reasons which will help you understand the need to Digitalizing your Company’s Supply Chain.

  • E-Commerce

 E-commerce has grown the need of updating to the digital supply chain as companies can work in a more flexible manner. It becomes easy to adjust the products as per the fluctuating demand in the market by using the real-time sales information through quick data information that can be tracked at an instance.

  • Operational Efficiency

The digital method of tracking your products via QR Code/Barcode scanning at different points along the Supply chain ensures efficient functioning of all the operations. Digitalization covers up the mess which otherwise exists in the physical tracking of products as when they move through different locations. Integrated Planning, Logistics transparency, management of disruptions, procurement, and warehousing data, all the functions related to these can be managed virtually in an active manner.

Transparency Communication Collaboration Flexibility Responsiveness

  • Remain Competitive

 In order to remain competitive in the market, there is a need to maintain your data accurately and cater to the needs of the market in a speedy and transparent manner. The only solution to win this competitive market is ‘The Digitalization of Supply Chain’. Raise your responsiveness and win this competition.

  • Globalization

With Globalization, the size of the Supply Chains is increasing and, it is not possible to maintain the working of your company’s product unless you adopt the Digital Supply Chain. It shall help you interact more effectively and in a speedy manner with your vastly spread stakeholders.

  • Increasing Logistics Visibility

Supply Chain Digitalization helps the producers achieve quick information on their transportation and shipments, stored items, rejected or default items. Such constant information through the supply chain works in a dual way. Even the customers can send any form of data upwards to members in the supply chain, way too quickly through Barcodes imprinted on each product. 

  • Economic Benefits

Not only the operation efficiency but Company also gains economic benefits in the form of increased sales, and reduction in the cost of conducting the operations,  

  • Customer Satisfaction

 The business goal of any company is to gain maximum sales revenue by providing maximum satisfaction to the king of the market i.e. ‘The Customer’. Digitalization is the best way as of now to grant immediate gratification to the customer by delivering the right product at the right time and in the best possible manner. This goal can only be achieved if you focus on integrating the suppliers, manufactures, retailers, warehousing, logistics, and the customers, which is only possible through ‘DIGITALIZATION OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN


As soon as the Company digitalizes its Supply Chain, it is sure to experience these benefits.

 Fast Working

  • Use of QR codes that gives instant scanning.
  • Enhanced Communication and Collaboration
  • Integrated Supply Chain Solutions
  • Control Cash Flow and Management of Cash

 How to unlock these benefits for your Company?

Digitalized Supply Chain is no more a dream now. Unlock the true results of Digitalizing your Supply Chain with Genefied.

Genefied, the ultimate solution provider for your supply chain issues has brought up a QR Code-Based solution named Supply Beam!!

Let us help your product run with one and only, SUPPLY BEAM ensuring you the maximum SUPPLY CHAIN TRACEABILITY and enabling the use of this data towards advanced analytics opportunities. 

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