Circulation of fake electronic parts has already infiltrated the industry. Curbing the wires and cable duplications is a fundamental task.

Is your company’s supply chain infected too?

If yes, now is the time to harness the counterfeits.

This infiltration takes a toll on your revenue and existing customer base. Once your brand becomes infected, it starts suffering from deep-rooted detrimental effects.

Problems face by your brand due to duplications:

If your brand belongs to the wires and cables industry, you ought to accept the bitter truth. Trust us!

If you dive deeper into it once, you are already on the path to recovery.

  • Depleting Revenue:

Fake products cause a dent in your finances. This happens when a customer has a poor experience by purchasing a fake. Further, he shares his reviews among his circle. This leads to loss of the current customer base and thus, the future revenue.

  • Brand’s Reputation Under Attack:

Counterfeits take a hit at your brand’s reputation. Word of mouth is the most common marketing tool in practice. Your existing customers spread the reviews about your products’ poor performance. Result?

The goodwill of your brand comes at a risk. Eventually, customers start losing their trust in your brand.

  • Loss of Trust:

The trust that you built over years goes wasted. Be it money or time, your investment incurs a loss. This results from the duplicates starting contaminating your brand’s supply chain.

  • Financial Burden of controlling counterfeits:

The cost of washing away counterfeits from the supply chain is not small. One way or another, your brand’s supply chain will be distorted due to the entry of pirate electronics. 


You have to spend extra pennies to wash away the counterfeits. 

  • Loss of Loyal Customers:

The quality of products falls, once your supply chain is contaminated. This happens due to the spread of fake wires and cables. Thus, once loyal customers now move to your competitors.

  • Risk of Life:

Risk of life is the major concern of clone products. Duplicates are never built on standard quality. They might cause hazardous fires when used by customers.

What should you do to control/remove your counterfeits?

Don’t you wish to take your business to the next stage of success?


Genefied-a trusted name in the market, has come up with a blockchain cum QR code-based solution. Its product named GenuineMark is your saviour!

GenuineMark is here to protect your brand’s supply chain against pirate products. Hereby, QR codes are labelled on each of your wire and cable packaging. This ensures their complete protection.

Nature of GenuineMark:

GenuineMark acts as the front-line saviour for your brand and products. QR codes guard your supply chain against the entry of clone products. Their working is simple and user-friendly. 

Our clients from the wires and the cable industry have benefited due to the uniqueness of our tech solution.


  • Single-Use QR codes:

Our QR code is of single-use nature. Once scanned, they become nil. It is in no way possible to copy or re-scan them. One-time use helps in counterfeit track and control.

  • Damage-Resistant:

The QR codes labelled under GenineMark are double secured. There are no means available to interfere in their functioning. Two-factor authentication is our hidden guard.

  • Total Supply Chain Traceability:

QR code is one such tool that ensures complete brand protection. You can keep total control over inflow/outflow. You can smoothly detect any sort of counterfeit distribution. Easy traceability removes the problems caused due to fraudulent product returns. But, this is only possible with QR code technology.

  • Cost-Effective:

QR codes are pre-printed. We offer to label them upon your products. It causes no extra pressure on your operational expenses. QR code-based technology is the cheapest in the market.

  • Double Security:

Our QR-code-based blockchain features ensure double safety. QR codes cannot be copied and tampered with. On the other hand, blockchain records and keeps track of each product movement digitally. Hereby, GenuineMark guarantees a positive brand image by removing/blocking clone products.

How to get this solution for your brand?

GenuineMark is the tested solution when it comes to protection against wires and cable duplicity. To know more about our product, call our experts. 

Genefied has proved itself to be the market game-changer. We serve a little extra i.e. Undivided Loyalty of Retailers/Customers/Distributors/Partners along with counterfeiting solutions.

We have helped brands in securing their market position. 

To Secure your brand, multiple your customer engagement by increasing real-time supply chain visibility, contact Genefied. 

With GenuineMark we will empower you with the ability to protect, control, and optimize your supply chain.

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