CAP (Certification Authentication Platform) is an all-in-one platform that offers every solution to cater to the needs of the certificate awarding bodies. Though still considered a newer concept, this solution has got its recognition across the globe. And the credit for this recognition goes to the features of this platform, which are management of student’s database & certificates, institution’s license management, and validity & timeline management of the certifications.

Introduction to industry

The E-learning industry is vast and has its presence all across the globe. Universities, colleges, and other institutions are a vital part of this industry that will never see a downfall and are providing education & training to millions of students.

Once the students complete their training or education, certificates are issued to them. A body that issues certificates, diplomas, or titles recognizes the knowledge and skills of the recipient, following an assessment and validation procedure, is a certificate awarding body. In simpler terms, an entity is regarded as an awarding body if it awards or proposes to award certification to the individuals after ensuring quality training and genuine assessments.

Challenges facing the E-learning industry

With great responsibilities come great challenges and the E-learning industry is no different. There are many challenges that this industry faces.

  1. Duplicity

The E-learning industry is prone to duplicity and fraudsters can easily forge the certificates. Consequently, genuine certificate holders struggle to prove the genuineness of their training and education.

  1. Lack of certificate management

With multiple large databases to be maintained, the institutions fail to maintain the certificate management process. There is no single point from where the relevant information can be extracted and this leaves them in the middle of a crisis.

  1. No coordination with the center

Lack of coordination with the center makes things even more complicated. As a result, undue delays begin to occur and gives the management & students some tough time.

How Certification Authentication Platform solved the problems for UK Rewards?

C.A.P by Genefied has emerged as a reliable and smart platform for various E-learning ventures. It has managed to boost the functioning of these platforms by liberating them from the troubles that come with the issuance of the certifications and then managing them thereafter. This certification authentication platform has accelerated the growth rate of one of the most reputed E-learning platforms by 10X.

The results:

  1. Duplicity / Counterfeit Protection

The foremost benefit that the client has witnessed is the prevention of counterfeiting. With a smart QR code as an integral part of this solution, it gets difficult for fraudsters to duplicate certificates and a foolproof brand protection management system is in place

  1. Secured way of issuing the certificates

CAP is a secured way of printing the certificates as the issuing body makes use of the software integrated with CAP for printing purposes and no intervention of an ordinary printer is possible.

  1. Track and trace facility

The dashboard of this solution contains every related information- who printed the certificate and when. Given this, the client managed to overcome the problems of tracking & tracing a record.

  1. Easy maintenance

CAP is a feature-rich platform that comes with easy maintenance. Our client managed to learn its usage conveniently.

  1. Certificate management

CAP is a solution that aims to provide a one-stop solution for certificate authentication. After proper implementation, the client saw a major transformation in its processes of certificate management.


Online training has become a part of the education system and so has the issuance of digital certificates. However, it is highly prone to risks and frauds.

Certification Authentication Platform

Our solution is facilitating smooth management of certificate authentication as it combines all the features that a smart certification authentication platform must-have. It can also protect important documents such as ID proofs, birth certificates, legal documents, insurances, billing, etc.

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