Challenges faced by Wires and Cables Industry Due to Product Duplication

Circulation of fake electronic parts has already infiltrated the industry. Curbing the wires and cable duplications is a fundamental task. Is your company’s supply chain infected too? If yes, now is the time to harness the counterfeits. This infiltration takes a toll on your revenue and existing customer base. Once

Strategies for customer loyalty
Strategies to Build & Maintain Customer Loyalty

Ever wondered how your brand can reach out to your customers and earn their loyalty?  Smart Customer Loyalty Platform it is!! Almost all your competitive brands might also have a Customer Loyalty Platform but, to stand out, yours need to be the SMARTEST. QR codes seem to have taken over

Apparel Industry
Customer Loyalty Platform For Apparal Industry

The loyalty of your consumer is determined on the basis of the number of repeat purchases that he makes. The benefits that your brand ensures to the customer, either an instant reward or discount on future purchases. The apparel industry is considered to be the most competitive one. So it

Business Giants Who Aced Their Business Leveraging Retailer Loyalty Platform

Retail Reward Programs come in different forms. But, what makes your brand’s Loyalty Platform successful is its roots. More specifically, it is the strategy upon which your reward program is built up. Digitalisation has led to the introduction of various retail scheme management tools. One such tool is QR codes.

Accelerate Your FMCG Business with Retailer Loyalty Platform

FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) represents the market of those low-priced goods which are consumed real quick. Be it bottled water, juices, fruits, vegetables, cosmetics, dry foods, etc. Seeing the level of growing competition, there is an instant need to develop your unique Retailer Loyalty Platform. Retailer Loyalty Platforms are

Conventional Warranty Vs Digtal Warranty
Conventional Warranty Management Vs Digital Warranty Management

With the invention of SMART technologies, Digital Warranty has come into birth. It has overtaken Traditional Warranty Management. IoT and its applications have made it easier to handle warranty management via paperless tools. Thus, overcoming the challenges of the traditional warranty management system, QR Codes have been adopted as the

Digital Warranty Management in Electronics Industry

Digital Warranty Management is empowering each sector. It is not a trend but a need now. Digitalized supply chain management backed by digitalized warranty activation is a tool for brand authentication. The Electronics Industry has taken a step ahead by embracing Digital Warranty Management based on IoT. Gone are the

Impact of IoT on Digital Warranty Management

IoT is the modern era term that stands for Internet of Things. It refers to the multiple physical objects from all around the world linked via a wireless network.  It is only via IoT that Brands can establish a robust Digital Warranty Platform. Devices come installed with chips which makes

Digital Document Verification and Authentication

Securing the process of digital Document Verification, certificate management, and authentication is the most recent development in the Cyber World. “For every lock, there is someone out there trying to pick it or break it” David Bernstein Why is Digital Documents Verification and Authentication important? Online verification of documents, management

What is raw material traceability and how can it save your brand from inventory management challenges

  With rising incidences of unsafe products in global supply chains, product safety has become critical for both brands and consumers. Globally, the role of traceability has been acknowledged by the industry to enable product safety.  As per Statista: Traceability of raw materials is one of the main challenges for

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