Successful implementation of Intelligent Digital Warranty System in Manufacturing Sector.

The foremost step for higher revenues and margins is designing a competitive warranty strategy. In addition to marketing, another important tool that manufacturers can leverage in achieving this goal is an effective Digital Warranty System.  Is your manufacturing brand using the latest Digital Warranty System? Seeing your competitors copying your

Why do Brands need Digital Transformation in Warranty Management Systems

You can solve problems faster and produce better products with digital manufacturing simulations. If you want to grow your brand with higher margins and better customer satisfaction, look no further than integrating your warranty management system with digital solutions. We strive to understand how brands can use digital warranty solutions

Retailer Loyalty Platform for Beverage Industry

The Beverage Industry is the most competitive one. Being a beverage selling brand, you have to compete not only for the product but also for procuring your loyal retailers.  What makes your alcohol brand the best choice for retailers? A well-designed Retailer Loyalty Platform.  The platform that gives them the

Loyalty Program Strategies for Grocery & Hypermarket

A personalized and well-shaped Loyalty Program is a necessity. But, how do you make a Grocery Loyalty Program a unique one? With the technology taking over, Loyalty Program Strategies are becoming tech-focused. Is your loyalty platform a digitalized one? Is your current Grocery/Hypermarket Loyalty program shaped upon the basis of

Digital Warranty Management in Automotive Industry

Warranty Management System is a dynamic aspect that keeps expanding. With the expansion of your product lines and manufacturing processes, the complexity rises. Hereby, we are here to impose the significance of the Digital Warranty Management System. Yes, you got us right! Are still sticking to a conventional warranty system

Warehouse Management System For Consumer Durable Industry

Warehouse Management System is a complicated set-up that requires constant maintenance. An effective WMS needs optimization in regular cycles. This ensures smooth business functioning via internal traceability. When we specify Internal Traceability-we mean to talk about your Warehouse.  However, how do you know whether your WMS is giving you the

Educational Certificate Authentication using QR Code

Certificate Counterfeiting E-Learning is developing and so is the concern about its authentication and security. Covid-19 has overpowered our economy. This biggest transition has been seen in the education system. Education has shifted to online mode.  With that comes the digital risk. Hereby, Certificate Counterfeiting is also rising. This is

data for optimum results
Leveraging Supply Chain Data For Optimum Results

Technological advances are creating a huge impact on the designing of Supply Chain strategies. Being a brand owner, it’s your responsibility to adopt the latest trends. It is necessary for the overall success of the organization But, how do you grab the relevant supply chain data? Are you even using

anti counterfeiting
Anti-Counterfeiting Solution for Wires and Cables Industry

The complexity of the supply chain has given way to numerous frauds. Counterfeiting being the main concern. Outcomes range from depleted revenue and tarnished brand image. But, Protection is easier than you think! Yes, you got us right.  Be it cables, wires, or electronics, each brand and industry are looking

Challenges faced by Wires and Cables Industry Due to Product Duplication

Circulation of fake electronic parts has already infiltrated the industry. Curbing the wires and cable duplications is a fundamental task. Is your company’s supply chain infected too? If yes, now is the time to harness the counterfeits. This infiltration takes a toll on your revenue and existing customer base. Once

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