Certificate Authentication Platform (CAP) is a QR code based technology that helps in authenticating certificates. CAP helps in enhancing reputation of your organization or institution by preventing certificate forgery. CAP is an amalgamation of features that an e-learning organization can leverage to manage students’ record and their certificates.

What is the problem?

Issuance of certificates from the awarding body to the students seems to be an easy task, but proving their authenticity is cumbersome. There are many factors that pose a problem and make it difficult for students to confirm the authenticity of the certificates wherever they go.

  • Fraud in Certificate Issuance
  • Frauds in certificate issuance of documents are seen frequently in the nation. To add to the problem, the complicated process of certificate validation makes it difficult for the awarding bodies to keep a proper check. This adds to the woes of the certificate holders.
  • Affects Reputation
  • The problem of tracking and verification of a certificate is a global problem. It not only jeopardizes the institute’s reputation, but the companies that offer jobs to such students are also unable to check the authenticity of the certificate. The situation gets worse for the students/jobseekers and the issuer of the certificate.
How Certificate Authentication solves the problem

How CAP helps?

Certificate Authentication Platform by Genefied is a unique digital solution to solve the issues that dominate the process of validating a certificate. CAP is beneficial in many ways.

  • Management of Students’ Database
  • The platform is a great management system for managing the student database in digital form and validating it.

  • Management of Students’ Certificate
  • Managing and authenticating the certificates of the students leave scope for errors. But with the Certificate Authentication Platform, things are easy through online QR code generation with certificate design.
  • License Management of the Institute
  • Certificate Authentication Platform validates the license of the school/institute that issues the certificate
  • Management of Validity & Timeline of Certifications
  • The platform not only authenticates the certificate but also keeps a track of the validity of the certification and their timeline.
  • FnF Authentication Platform
  • Certificate Authentication Platform is a full-fledged platform that automates the supply chain of your certifications and keeps the process on the right track.

Benefits of CAP

  • Certification Authentication
  • CAP provides a digital solution to authenticate the certificate. The base of this solution is QR code technology for certificate authentication. It makes it accessible to the concerned parties as an authentic outcome of the hard work put in by the certificate holder.
  • Brand Protection
  • This anti-certificate counterfeit solution offers protection to the brands (certificate awarding bodies) by validating their certificate through online QR code. It provides proof of their genuineness and stops fake certificates from hindering the process.
  • Sharing Feature
  • A certificate holder can share his or her certificate with friends/family digitally without any need for hardware. Validate, trace and share your certificates in the most hassle-free manner with our reliable Certificate Authentication Platform.
benefits of Certificate Authentication
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