Anti Counterfeiting Solution With Loyalty Management and Traceability

  • Anti Counterfeiting Technology
  • Consumer / Retailer Loyalty ( On Proven Techniques )
  • Supply Chain Management ( With Infiltration Management )
  • Digital Warranty Activation Management
  • Pipe & Personalisation

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Supply Chainconsumer loyaltyAnti-Counterfeiting Solution Anti Counterfeiting Solution With Loyalty Management and Traceability
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Simply Robust

Discover QR code

Consumer looks at packaging and discovers GenuineMark’s QR code

Scan QR code

Scans the QR code to check genuinity & avail other benefits

Win & Retain

Loyalty points or instant cashback after making the purchase

Benefits To Your Brand

Marketing & sales
Marketing & sales
Develop a robust data pipeline for your marketing and know your retail sales
    • Consumer data capturing
    • Retailers data capturing
    • Fully automated loyalty program
    • Retarget with CRM tools
    • Personalization on retargeting
    • Big Data Analytics
Supply chain
Supply chain
Avoid infiltration and attain inventory based scanning at all levels of your supply chain
    • Geo-fencing your distribution
    • Stopping pilferage/malicious leaks
    • Reduce spoilage/expiry
    • Add responsibility to inventory
    • Inventory insights at all points
Develop data driven strategies and add AI like whatsapp chat bots / CRM's via Genefied
    • Insights on future production
    • Track N Trace of products
    • Connectivity with CRM
    • Digital Footprint of product

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